Monday, September 8, 2014

Motivational Monday 3 - Your Life, Your Story

Your life is your story. Some people, when they don’t like their story, choose to end their story instead of changing it. I won’t judge those who decide to end their story; that was their decision and everyone is entitled to make their own decisions. However, I will say that ending a story can be a very bad mistake.

We all deserve happy endings. We can’t get those happy endings by ending our stories before they’re ready to be over.

Another mistake that people make is allowing their stories to continue to be less than what they deserve. Although ending a story before its time isn't the answer, allowing a story to be less than exciting isn't acceptable, either. We were all given one life to live; why live one that you don't even enjoy? If you aren't enjoying your life, change the story!

As a writer I’ve written a ton of stuff. Not all of it sees the light of day and I hardly finish any of it. However, there is one project that I’ve stuck with for about five years now. It has driven me absolutely nuts. It has gone through so many changes and revisions. I’m even going to throw out the idea that I had for its sequel and start over.

Unfortunately, real life is different than a fictitious story. I can change what I write, but I can’t ever change what I’ve done. However, I can change what I’m going to do. We all have choices to make. Our choices define us and our stories. We might have made some bad choices in the past, but we can learn from our mistakes and make better choices that will, hopefully, set us up for better futures.

If I don’t like how a certain story is developing, I can change it. The same is true when it comes to the stories of our lives. It’s true that changing a fictitious story is probably a lot easier than changing a real story, but that’s because real stories have a lot more to lose. We were all given one story to live. Instead of ending it when it doesn’t turn out the “right” way, why not change it? Don’t we deserve to enjoy our stories?

So relax. Breathe. Your story may not be the one you planned, but there’s always a chance to change the story.

And we shouldn’t forget that our stories overlap with others’ stories. Our stories overlap with our family’s stories, our friends’, or coworkers’ and classmates’ stories. Everyone who you encounter in your life is living their own story, and as soon as you have contact with them, no matter the brevity, your stories have overlapped. Even if your story is turning out OK, someone you encounter may be struggling. So be a positive influence; you might be the bright spot in someone’s story that makes them decide to change, rather than end, their story.



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  1. Good analogy! With our faith in God leading us, we can seek His perfect will as we write our story to fit with His plan. He may have a different plan than the one we want, but in the end we discover His plan is and was the best possible one.