Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book of the Month - April 2015

So I got a little off track and did not read a novel during February/March. I mean, I read, I just didn’t finish. I started reading Atlantia by Ally Condie in February but didn’t finish until about a week ago. I know, I know; for a bibliophile, I sure am slacking when it comes to consuming books. I’m giving bibliophiles a bad name.


HOWEVER, I did finally finish Atlantia and I have started reading a new novel. If you’re interested in experiencing what I did during February/March, then I recommend you read Atlantia by Ally Condie during April. Let me know what you think; I personally thought it was a bit… slow, but that could have been because I was so busy with everything else and it took me forever to finish because of said business.

Image courtesy of Goodreads.
 Atlantia takes place in the future, after our carbon footprints have finally destroyed the world. Rio and her family live Below, in the bubble-like, underwater world known as Atlantia, which was designed when it became clear that the Above was getting too dangerous to live in. Unfortunately, only a lucky few had the opportunity to live Below. Rio has always dreamed about living Above, but her one chance to leave Atlantia behind is thwarted by a betrayal she never saw coming. Now trapped in Atlantia, Rio must unravel a tangle of mysteries, including who she can trust, who she is, and what “family” really means.

If you're sick and tired of female leads worrying and obsessing over a guy, you're in luck: Rio is a strong female character who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. Atlantia does have romance in it, but not enough to make you roll your eyes (at least in my opinion).

I encourage you to curl up with this book when the April showers leave you trapped inside with “nothing” to do. And, like I said above, let me know what you think once you’ve finished. I’m genuinely curious!

What are you waiting for? Hop to it! (And yes, that is my pathetic attempt at an Easter pun.)


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