Monday, January 12, 2015

Motivational Monday 17 - Broken Crayons


I am 20 years old and I still love coloring. I color with the kids when I volunteer in Sunday school. I color with my friends when they come over for a visit. I color when I’m by myself. The fact is, I love to color.

Over the course of my life, I have realized that even if broken crayons aren't as fun to use as brand spankin new crayons fresh from a brand spankin new box of crayons (the 96 Crayola pack with the built-in sharpener), they still do their job. Crayons are crayons, broken or not. They have a purpose and their purpose (usually) is to make beautiful artwork. I use them to color pictures. Other people use them to make awesome melted crayon artwork. It doesn’t matter if they are broken; they still have a purpose and they can still serve that purpose.

People aren’t crayons. No, people are more complex than crayons. The purpose of people is to do more than make art. (And honestly people can create a lot more interesting art than crayons can.) If crayons can function properly after being broken into so many pieces, then we, as people, can still manage to function no matter how many times we’re broken.

Is it fun to be broken? No. Does it happen anyways? Yes. Can we choose to keep ourselves from being broken? Probably not. Can we choose to function properly after being broken? Most likely yes.

Each and every person has a purpose. Whether it’s to love someone, care for someone, create something, do something… whatever it is, we all have a purpose. That purpose doesn’t go away simply because we feel incapable of completing the task. Our ability to complete our purpose is not taken away just because we feel incompetent.

If crayons can still color after being broken, then you can do your purpose, no matter how broken you feel.

So go out there and live your life, do your purpose, and maybe color a picture or two (or if you’re more creative, make some melted crayon art).

Have a good week!


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