Monday, November 17, 2014

Motivational Monday 12 - The Impossible

You know how people say that it’s impossible to lick your elbow? Well, I can lick my left elbow. Not the right, but I can somehow get my left arm in such a position that I can lick that elbow. I’ve also met one other girl who can lick her elbow. So there are two theories here: either people are lying when they say that people can’t lick their elbows, or this girl and I are just freaks of nature.

Whatever the reason why we can lick our elbows, it still remains that we proved the doubters wrong. According to those who believe it is impossible to lick your elbow, we have just accomplished the impossible. Sure, licking your elbow is a pretty trivial thing, but it’s still awesome to know that I’ve proven the impossible to be possible.

How many things have been called “impossible” only to be proven to be possible? People used to believe that man can’t fly. I’m sure it seemed impossible to believe that man would ever walk on the moon. If you traveled back in time and told the people of the past how many miraculous things we’ve accomplished by today, I’m willing to bet that their response would be one of two things: have you thrown in an asylum, or shout “Impossible!” Or maybe both.

I think just to be on the safe side, you probably shouldn’t be taking any trips to the past.

Have you heard the saying “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’”? Well, I’m sure there are some things that will always be impossible, but there are a lot of things, as we’ve already discussed, that are and will be possible. I don’t know what you’re going through, or what the “impossible” is for you, but I want you to know today that it is not impossible. You can do it or get through it (whatever “it” is). Remember: the impossible just takes longer.



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